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Run Ads without Restrictions

We welcome any legal industry or product

Over 11 million active users and counting

$2-4 per 1,000 impressions with targeting

Grow your audience with REAL people

Branding and Awareness

Reach more people for less. Other platforms work on a bid system and can’t guarantee your ads are seen by people rather than bots. Parler verifies accounts to eliminate bots and fake users.

Grow Your Traffic

CPM rates with other platforms can go through the roof. We allow you to reach broad audiences at a flat rate lower than any other competitor. Did we mention we don't restrict content?

Influencer Partnerships

Now you can advertise beyond the feed. Parler's dashboard allows you to choose established influencers and allow them promote your content to their followers, giving you instant credibility.

Tired of Platforms Controlling Your Ads?

Freedom of speech is arguably the most important factor in people’s lives and the foundation Parler was built on. Unfortunately when it comes to running ads other platforms think they can make their own laws. They restrict items such as guns, CBD, bikinis, masks and many more. We believe any legal business deserves a digital voice.

Easily Partner with Influencers

Tired of endlessly reaching out to influencers and getting no response? With Parler, influencer advertising is quick and easy. The dashboard shows all available influencers alongside their current rates letting you partner with the biggest voices that can make an impactful recommendation to your business

Parler is growing beyond politics

We know. Most people think Parler is a Political Platform because of NEWS Stories. The growth of Parler relies on Influencers, Advertisers and Users being able to share anything and everything on their mind without the Platform controlling the reach and content through algorithms and guidelines. Grow with Parler as we build without borders

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